Pecocar Holland B.V. is a modern and dynamic company, where more than 80 employees work with great enthusiasm. Our company is based in Albergen and manufactures custom-made sandwich panels for the European body and bus market, as well as for the construction industry and recreational markets.

Why should you want to work at Pecocar Holland B.V.?

As a Pecocar employee, you work in a team that tackles, cooperates and celebrates the result together, all in an international company with Twente sobriety. The products you will be making contribute to all of our lives and are crucial for further development of the final product at the end of our supply chain. Buses, transport vehicles and/ or other customised products, will carry your friends and family members, convey goods you need for the daily basis or will open new industry horizons for you which you never came across before. Be part of our supply chain and contribute to innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly products that are made with the most advanced machines.

As you grow and thrive here at Pecocar, so will we as a company. Growth possibilities are possible!

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