Joost, Remco and Robin – 3 new faces in our sales team

All three gentlemen were warmly welcomed here at Pecocar in the beginning of March. They come from different backgrounds in terms of what they have studied and learned before starting their journey at Pecocar. Working in a restaurant, as a salesmanager at Multibat selling batteries or as a sales engineer at VDL ETG Almelo shows the diversity of skills and experience added to our sales force. Keep on reading to get to know our three newcomers.

Robin de Graaf (left)

He studied interior design & furniture branch (Werkvoorbereider) and on top of that, he recently completed his study of small business and retail management. Robin grew up in Enschede, close to the German border. As a back-office sales employee at Pecocar he is responsible for making offers, handling order confirmations, receiving information from customers, administrative duties and more. When asking why he applied at Pecocar he said:” Pecocar is a great opportunity for me to learn new skills in a branch that I am very interested in. I’ve always had a great interest in racing, and everything associated with it.” He mostly likes the range of products that

Introduction of new Sales team memberscan be produced within our company. Adding on that he said that, “Pecocar has the capacity to produce everything from an ambulance to a stand-alone bathroom. A great deal of diversity within the customers at Pecocar keeps my job interesting and versatile.”

Joost van Tongeren (middle)

Joost was also, like his colleague Robin born and raised in Enschede. He studied Automotive Engineering (HTS-Autotechniek) in Arnhem. As a front office Sales Manager at Pecocar, he is responsible together with Remco Zwijnenberg for all customers in the BeNeLux region. The reason why he chose Pecocar to work for is that he always preferred to work in the manufacture industry. He put: “The way Pecocar produces its sandwich panels gives almost endless possibilities. During my interview, I was very impressed by the size and level of professionalism displayed at Pecocar.”

Even though he was not familiar with the production and use of sandwich panels, he is impressed by the versatility in possibilities to manufacture and make use of our products. In the end he said that, “there is a great number of different high-quality materials at hand, which makes Pecocar flexible and reliable. For both Pecocar and myself, quality goes before quantity!”

Remco Zwijnenberg (right)

The third of the trio is Remco. He comes from a town called Nijverdal and he studied International Trade Wholesale. He already gained experience working with bodywork construction during his previous job at Multibat. Remco, like his colleagues likes the fact that Pecocar manufactures custom made products. In all kinds, sizes and compositions. The variety of products he can offer to his customers gives him and the rest of the sales team room to build an ongoing relationship with our clients.

All three started at a very uncertain time regarding the pandemic crisis going on in the world. During this difficult time the tasks of the three didn’t change much, as they said, but the way they have to be performed is different. Joost and Remco are in close contact with their customers, but only via phone or online meetings. Most things are more at distance, and with everything you do, you have to keep in mind the situation we are in. Robin realizes his tasks with some modifications in the working area (a lot of washing hands, screens are placed, ect.), following the RIVM guidelines.


All in all, we are happy to have theseyoung, open-minded and hard-working men on board to grow, become more efficient and tackle through obstacles like this pandemic crisis.