Product Engineer 

Purpose of the function

  • The most efficient definition and unambiguous recording of a product characteristic according to the present requirements package and the determination of material and capacity requirements within planning and budget.
  • The Product Engineer is working on the design and realisation of a product. He/She concentrates on the design and development of products and any process improvements/optimisations. The Product Engineer takes into account the required product properties and whether the product can be manufactured.
  • The product engineer is responsible for describing the processes for making a product. He/She is the driving force during the start-up process and actual production. A product engineer analyses these processes and identifies possible improvements. He/She increases the quality of the product and ensures good reliability. The product engineer does this by balancing costs and testing the product.

Key responsibilities and core activities

If the situation makes it necessary, other tasks and responsibilities can be allocated by mutual agreement.

  • Design, development, engineering of new products or applications within the given frameworks (quality, price, capacity, customer requirements, etc.).
  • The product engineer will have to incorporate the requirements from the requirements package into the product, such as quality requirements for the material, attractive design, reliability and performance. The product must be designed in such a way that it meets the wishes of the customer.
  • Creating a documentation package including a checklist for the internal organisation and/or (in consultation) for the client.
  • In consultation with the sales department, fine-tuning the materials to be used with the customer and matching existing stocks with the supply chain.
  • To determine product configuration on the basis of requirements, cost price determination, production drawings and material lists and to manage the purchase of order specific parts.
  • Programming saw/milling programs for various machines.

Your experience 

  • You should be familiar with HTS engineering / automotive engineering
  • Knowledge of Solid-Edge and/or SolidWorks is an advantage; knowledge of MS-Office.
  • Experience with supporting software such as sawing machine programming, ERP, logistics software
  • Preferably knowledge of English and German
  • High accuracy
  • Independent and proactive
  • Material knowledge

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