Technical information

The panels of Pecocar are constructed from the following basic materials:

- polyester sheeting
- foam
-- PS-foam
-- PU-foam
-- PVC-foam
- multiplex (various sizes and grades)
- aluminium sheeting and profiles
- pinewood
- steel frames 

Each panel has a specific application and specific mechanical properties:

- Plywood, grade Peco en Poly
- PU sandwich panels
- PS sandwich panels with and without multiplex, grade standard and high standard
- PVC sandwich panels
- PP honeycomb panels
- 3D-panels 

All Pecocar products are built in accordance with the tolerances and requirements prescribed in our Panels Normsheet. 

For detailed technical advice and further recommendations on the spraying of sandwich panels, we refer you to our Technical instructions for spraying sandwich panels.

For many years, Pecocar has supplied profiles for the construction of trailers, coaches and campers. All standard profiles as well as in-house-developed profiles are executed in accordance with the technical datasheet Profiles.

The supply of materials and parts to Pecocar is subject to our terms and conditions of purchase.

We supply products on the basis of our general terms and conditions of delivery and sale.