Pecocar specialises in the design and development of sandwich panels for trailer, coach and camper construction. We are also supplying more and more panels to the building sector and the packaging and chemical industry.

Depending on the application, we design a specific panel of polyester, foam and wood. We then fit the panels with the appropriate inlays of wood, plastic or metal for the mounting of, for example, hinges, profiles, tie rails, refrigeration units and meat hooks. We supply panels with a core of PS, PU or PVC foam or PP core material and with wall thicknesses varying from 20 to 190 mm. We also supply panels with wood, the so-called PLYWOOD with a wall thickness of 21, 24 and 30 mm.

The floors of the panels are fitted with a 21 mm-thick layer of multiplex. A top layer of polyester, aluminium bulb plate, Marothaan or a rubber mat is then placed over the layer of multiplex.

For trailer construction, the materials must be as light as possible. We have therefore developed a special lightweight panel consisting of 2 skins of 0.8 mm gelcoat/fibreglass. In combination with 28 mm PU foam, this product is ideal for application in the segment up to 3500 kg.

Above all, we distinguish ourselves in the production of special, complex panels, which have a specific function thanks to a variety of details.