Pecocar has more than 40 years’ experience in the construction of sandwich panels. We can supply these panels as assembled products (semi-finished products) and as finished products. We have also been making polyester mouldings for decades. These mouldings are designed and developed in the Netherlands and manufactured in Eastern Europe. We currently make over 250 different moulded products. 

In recent years we have established a network of distributors who provide a comprehensive and professional service to the end users. We believe our pro-active and cooperative approach to design solutions is appreciated by distributor and client alike.

Our advanced construction department has all the facilities needed to make special constructions. These are mainly lightweight constructions, semi-finished products as well as finished products. Our in-house construction department is equipped with a fully automatic, 12-shaft, CNC combined cutting and milling machine. Therefore we are able to develop highly specialised panels and products. 3-D design is common practice here.  

Innovation is one of our strengths. Thanks to our revolutionary products, often developed in partnership with clients, we have become a real trendsetter.