In 1961 Mr A.H. Bos established the company A.H. Bos Carrosseriebedrijf B.V. Initially the company focussed on building various trailer bodies. The demand for new materials, including polyester, grew rapidly. Meeting market needs was a matter of course even then, and the Bos company responded by founding Bos Kunststoffen in 1966: a manufacturer of polyester mouldings and fibre-reinforced components.

In the refrigeration sector, there was an increasing demand for polyester materials which could be used as the ‘skin’ for refrigeration panels. To meet this demand, Bos became a distributor of polyester laminate produced by Pecolit GmbH. Soon after, the company became the Netherlands’ first manufacturer of polyester sandwich panels for the trailer body market. Since 1970 these materials have been produced and distributed under the name Pecocar 

A number of important changes were implemented in 2002. From that year onwards, the Bos group has operated solely under the name Pecocar In addition, the activities for the end-user market ceased and the production of polyester mouldings was transferred abroad. Pecocar now mainly focuses on the production and assembly of sandwich constructions: A field in which this prestigious company has become one of the leading specialists in Western Europe.